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This week at SIHH, shadowing Ariel, I finally got to meet some of the people who in large and small ways, have contributed to the wonder that is the Swiss watch industry. Stand on the banks of Lake Geneva and gaze knowingly at the signboards of all the familiar Swiss watch brands adorning every single building around the lake. Meet a couple of watch-makers and watch them excitedly and with much passion, explain the wonderful features of their latest creation. Come to the annual extravagance of SIHH in Geneva or Baselworld and just marvel at what this small country has done in order to claim the title of unrivaled masters of watch-making in the world.

Blancpain Carrousel Minute Repeater Chronograph: First Watch With All Three Complications Together Watch Releases

The carbon case material is among other things... unique looking. It seems rather durable for the price and the color is interesting. I feel that the felt-like look seems to match clothing. Of course, the Phantom is available is oodles of other styles - even ones with white or blue cases. You'll just have to peruse the site and see the seemingly rapid growing selection. There may seem to be too many options, but in reality that isn't a bad thing for a fashion watch where choices are a benefit - especially among those looking to "find their own look." Don't forget, you can't put a price on elegance (0r something like that).

The movement is the ETA/Valjoux 7750 chronograph, in this version without the day and date. Reliable, tough and easy to get serviced.

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While the LM1 watch was about offering two distinct times (each independently set), the LM2 is about two balance wheels. Watch lovers will recognize the two adjacent balance wheels in a single movement as an attempt to create greater accuracy thou through averaging out the results of each. This is distinct and more modern than a principle called "resonance" which historic watch makers tried to apply. The concept dates back to the 18th century when the best watchmakers of the day were heedlessly seeking ways to produce the most accurate timepieces. Around this time Breguet invented the tourbillon with the same goal. Resonance was the idea that if you put two balance wheels in a movement and put them very close together, they would "balance" each other out and the average rate would be more accurate than the two independently because the average helped factor out errors. Like the tourbillon, executing this concept was technically challenging and in their era only a few were made. There is also no hard evidence that either the tourbillon or the dual balance wheels yield increased timing performance - but you can't deny that each of this features is beautiful to look at.

For more history on the Type XX watch and Breguet's role in it you can visit this well-detailed page from Don Indiano's website here. That ought to satisfy answering most questions that you have, and I am sure you'll appreciate his compilation of the watch's history. For me, I was pleased to have some hands-on time with the Type XX originals that spawned the modern iterations of the design. For most of the people who won't be able to get the original, the 40mm Type XX from today is an excellent alternative. And for those wanting something larger, the 44mm wide Type XXI and XXII are also interesting choices. I do hope that Breguet continues to focus on this collection for a long while.

Casio ProTrek PRG550 Watch Giveaway Winner Announced

Casio ProTrek PRG550 Watch Giveaway Winner Announced

The new Maison Patek Philippe (click to see video and pictures via Patek) is huge with 1,227 square meters of space. That is far more room than anyone would need to show off just Patek Philippe timepieces. The Maison includes a couple of exhibition halls, a lounge, offices, multiple product showrooms, a pretty nice bar, and more. It looks pretty amazing actually. In a video on Patek's website Thierry Stern basically says "this is our most important market right now, and we needed to have a space that reflected that as well as impressed the customers." He adds that it needed to be really "wow," because that is what the consumer expects from the brand give how much they value the brand. It goes without saying that the Maison Patek Philippe has the largest selection of Patek Philippe watches in all of Asia.

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One of the nicest features of the Islandus 44mm is the honey brown alligator strap. I actually mistook it for ostrich given its textures, but this is indeed a cut of alligator. The straps is not at all too stiff and very comfortable. I really don't care much for super stiff straps that you need to break in and prefer these much more. JS Watch pieces are not terribly expensive, good looking, and easy pick-up-and-go classic looking watches. If you find the Iceland connection neat then that is a plus as well. Price starts at 2,250 Euros, but for non-Iceland residents the price is 1,800 Euros without the 20% VAT.

The folding clasp on the Rolex Milgauss is one that can create some debates.  Unlike the Oyster Flip Lock clasp that is found on the GMT Master II, this one does not have a folding lock and uses a loose bit that you pull with fingers (or nail) or push to create a lock.  That lever-like bit, even when closed, seems to be dangling and does not appear to be securely locked, while the rest of the clasp does lock quite nicely. At first, I did not appreciate this bracelet style, since the dangling part of the bracelet seemed to swivel a bit…  However, I have to come to appreciate the fact that it is a lot easier to open and close this bracelet than the Oyster Flip Lock on the GMT Master II. And for a daily wearer at work, I found that the simplicity of the Rolex Milgauss bracelet allows me to adjust it on my wrist quickly and efficiently without even looking at the watch and loosing any concentration on the task at hand.

The idea is that toward the end of the night, you can check yourself before you decide to drive or not. Psychologically it makes sense from a drunk driving prevention standpoint. When people are intoxicated many aren't aware of just how intoxicated they are from a BAC standpoint. An immediate and mathematical way of knowing with certainly that their BAC level is above or below the legal limit, would probably prevent a lot of drunk driving. That is of course if they ended up wearing their G-Shock Baby-G breathalyzer watch before going out. And who exactly wants to do that? If people start knowing what these watches are then you might be portraying yourself as responsible and prudent (maybe not the funnest person around), or a bit too reckless and wearing the watch is akin to wearing a court-ordered car breathalyzer ignition lock. Just food for thought. At the same time, it might be a really good conversation starter.

According to Girard-Perregaux, the brand's beginnings started in the late 18th century. I believe the Girard-Perregaux name began being used during the 19th century. Clearly one of the older watch brands, Girard-Perregaux has an interesting history and collection of vintage pieces with its name on them.

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Vacheron Constantin Les Historiques Chronograph “Retro” Watch Review

Vacheron Constantin Les Historiques Chronograph “Retro” Watch Review

CT Scuderia Corsa Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

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Zenith Pilot Montre d’Aéronef Type 20 Annual Calendar Watch

Zenith Pilot Montre d’Aéronef Type 20 Annual Calendar Watch

With the Jura, Rotary pulled together a classically styled skeleton watch with modern proportions and thankfully skipped cheap decorative tricks. Stylistically, it's nothing new but Rotary did a good job with the look they were going for. It might not impress seasoned veterans or those with more expensive tastes but could easily capture the imagination of someone just starting out on their watch collection journey. The Jura skeleton watch by Rotary is available exclusively at Ernest Jones for £395.

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IWC Big Pilot Top Gun Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

The Nav SPC employs a 46mm carbon reinforced polycarbonate case with an anti-reflective sapphire crystal and the Luminox-standard compliment of tritium tubes for low-light illumination of the hands, markers and bezel position. The design is obviously that of a Luminox, but the dial markers are oddly asymmetrical with 1 through 8 (blue illumination) in an orientation that is parallel to the dial edge and 9 to 12 (yellow illumination) in a more traditional perpendicular arrangement. Timekeeping is quartz based, with the Nav SPC using a Ronda 515 movement offering a 24 hour GMT hand and a date display at three o'clock. The unidirectional dive-style bezel has a yellow tritium pip at 12 and the Recon Nav SPC's total weight comes in at just 72 grams.

FP Journe Chronometre Optimum Watch: Timekeeping At Its Most Optimal Hands-On

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Protecting that blue dial you have a mineral crystal, surrounded by a uni-directional bezel. While I'm not a diver myself, I find these dive bezels pretty handy for simple timing in many day-to-day activities (I actually use them more than I do a chronograph complication, truth be told). Should you want to hit the water with the watch though, you're covered - the 48mm stainless steel case carries a 200 meter water resistance rating. While the strap situation would personally give me some pause, this is a great looking diver chronograph continuing the Scuba Fin styling and theme that we've been enjoying.

If I had to pick between the two I’d just use the Basis. The awkwardness of the device is outweighed by the richness of the data it provides. For right now I’m not choosing: I wear one on each wrist and compare the data. (It’s always within a few % of each other for things they both do.) If I were hiking in the woods for a week I’d probably just take the UP as its battery would last the entire time.

While a Navy Pilot, Kelly attended test pilot school. According to him, the difference between being a pilot and being a test pilot is that test pilots are taught how planes actually work. In fact, most of the pilots who end up being astronauts are trained as test pilots. It got me thinking; exactly how does someone become an astronaut? Since the late 1960's a lot kids grew up wanting to be an astronaut. But just like a cowboy, there never seemed to be a class in school for it, or a major in college.