Rolex Datejust watches

Rolex Day Date watches

View the Citizen Campanola minute repeater watch auction here on

An end to these frustrating outcomes is as simple as following my theory of gift giving; give them what you want them to have. In the past we were consumed with finding the perfect gift based upon what we perceived someone wants. No more will you be faced with the prospect of generosity failure. From now on, you decide what life direction you'd have the gift receiver take, and act accordingly.  Don't like the clothes they wear? Get them a shirt you think would look good on them! Don't like the activities they engage in? Get them the foundation of a new hobby. And of course, if you don't like the watch they wear, get them one that you think suits them. If after receiving your heartfelt gift they at first don't seem pleased because it is not what they said they wanted, no worries! Just proclaim earnestly to the aggrieved party that in your elated opinion, the gift not only suits them, but will make them a better person.

3. Ask if the seller is the original owner and if the papers are included. This isn't about the watch being stolen, but rather part of making sure the watch has been cared for and is real. Buying a fake on eBay is a real concern.

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Rolex Day Date II watches

If you like watches enough, you enjoy talking about them. Chances are however that you know more people that don't care about them than those who suggest you go browse at a watch store. How is it that liking watches to us makes so much sense to us while the concept is lukewarm at best when mentioned to others?

I was very lucky to find this extremely special Kobold Soarway Diver. Of course, I couldn't pass it up.

Botta Design Watches Available Through Kenmar Watches

Botta Design Watches Available Through Kenmar Watches

See the Certina Saddam Hussein watch on eBay here.

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Rolex Daytona watches

Although 1000 meter watches are becoming more popular, they are still a difficult feat, ensuring structural integrity. A watch maker is required to ensure that water does not leak in through the caseback and crown, and the sapphire crystal must be thick enough to keep from imploding.

In terms of the radio controlled feature, it used to be that this was reserved only for the Japanese atomic clock. New models however are "multi-band" and can receive signals from any place that has an atomic clock. If you are out of range, you can still manually set the time. While in radio control mode "RX," the watch receives periodic updates from the atomic clock to keep itself accurate. You can measure the strength of the signals by switching the watch to another mode as seeing where the hand falls on the "H, M, or L" indicators which mean high, medium, and low (for the signal strength). The idea is that you don't want to be under any false positives concerning whether the watch is receiving signals or not.

See Patek Philippe watches on eBay here.

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Replica Breguet Classiques Watches

Jacob & Co. Lord Of The Bling Dances His Way Into Jail; No, Not For Selling Fugly Watches Watch Industry News Jacob & Co. Lord Of The Bling Dances His Way Into Jail; No, Not For Selling Fugly Watches Watch Industry News It is no secret that bling happy hip hop stars often lack what I personally would describe as good taste. A few years ago, their newest craze was the almost now ubiquitous (in some circles) Jacob & Co. line of watches jam packed with diamonds and kids colors. Recently however, the gaudy watch company has put emphasis in to horological complications with such watches like the Quentin with its many day power reserve and tourbillon. But these watches do maintain to their heritage, of being jewel encrusted watches for those who really don't care what time it is.

See Marcello C. Watches on eBay here.

Blognapping: Often Innocent Copyright Violations Feature Articles

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Tudor style watches

For IWC, that watch represented the Ingenieur, and it was a large success. While today's Ingenieur line is very technical looking and futuristic, its roots contain a very conservative demeanor with what can only be described as a "scientific twist." The IWC Vintage Ingenieur is a highly legible watch (its main function) with an emphasis on precision. Bold dagger hands contain a strip of luminant, while small points of luminant are located at the hour indicators around the perimeter of the watch along with smaller points for each of the 5 minute indicators. This usage of small points as minute indicators in conjunction with raised pointed hour markers is a hallmark of the IWC Ingenieur series, and recaptured in the Vintage Ingenieur.

Watch Winders: Necessary For The Growing Watch Collection Luxury Items The premise of an automatic watch movement is that a rotor (shaped like a half circle) spins in the catch case, which in turn winds the main spring. The rotor is connected at what would have been the center of a full circle, and gravity weighs it down such that it spins when the watch is moved around. Typically, if you wear a watch daily, you should never have to worry about it stopping. This is because it moves around enough to sufficiently wind.

So before eBay becomes your new best friend (and Friday night date), register with eBay here so that you can actually buy those rare finds.

Timex Goes Upmarket: Sheds Some Cheap Plastic, Reveals Style

Timex Goes Upmarket: Sheds Some Cheap Plastic, Reveals Style
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Replica Tag Heuer Monaco

It is no secret that precious jewels have always featured in men's high-end, luxury watches. Yet it seems that these days more and more of these jewels are finding their way onto dials, bezels and bands, as opposed to only being incorporated in the complicated movements that power these incredible timepieces. One brand that has recently taken this new trend to the next level is Concord, with their new C1 Chronograph. The watch features a 44mm white gold case, standing 16.70mm tall and is set with enough diamonds (184 to be exact, or a cool 2.4 carats) to ensure that anyone who tries to look directly at the dial risks potential permanent blindness.

On the plus side, the watch does tell the time, and features an automatic movement with a 5 day power reserve, which is cool, not unique to this watch, but nice to have. I'm just going to flat out say it, this watch is an ugly eyesore. Other Aquanautic watches do fill some interesting niches, but this Diver Tourbillon is clearly meant to fill a void that it creates when it enters a room (and everyone else leaves).

The result of this is that Patek Phillipe is snobby about their watches, and cater mostly to the already rich. Using their "private" meetings, and sponsorship of elitist events, they are shielding themselves off from becoming a maker of fine watches and art; to remaining a caterer of luxury goods to the ultra-rich. Perhaps when Thierry Stern succeeds his father things will change. Already other watch makers are beginning to understand the importance of reaching out to new markets. Regardless, Patek Philippe still has an amazing line of watches, whose lasting appeal cannot be argued. I just know that if I can ever obtain a Patek Philippe watch, I'd buy it from a private buyer, not an authorized dealer, just to show Patek how Americans enjoy a good value because we know where to find them.

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TudorLady Sub

Look closely at the texture on the exposed areas of the dial and you will see a ridge pattern. This looks attractive, but also tricks the eyes into thinking the surface is a bit more opaque than it actually is. I am actually amazed at how little space on the dial needs to be reserved for this purpose though. I don't think that the subdials share this light permeable quality. Kudos to the Citzen Eco-Drive movement for being so adaptable. Given the movement, the Citizen Campanola Eco-Drive watches feature an energy reserve so that you know when they need to be taken out of the case and worn a bit. Further complications are impressive, with a 12 hour chronograph, peripheral date indicator, and smiling moonphase indicator.

Ulysse Nardin Planetarium Nicolaus Copernicus: Old World Celestial Calendar Watch Watch Releases The watch itself came in two versions. Each with yellow gold cases, but one with actual meteorite used for the dial of the watch. A good taste of the celestial for such a themed watch. The design is fitting for placement in a marble appointed museum, or alike, but the features make for comfortable daily wear. Size of the watch is 40mm. The watch is powered by an automatic in-house Ulysse Nardin movement, and is admirably legible given the amount of features that it has. I'd hate to see this watch run out of power, and the user spend hours trying to reset all the features. More likely, you'd have to send it back to Ulysse Nardin for such labor. There are several other similar watches in the aforementioned celestial themed series of watches made by master watch maker Ulysse Nardin, stay turned for more of them.

* Brushed Stainless Steel case and five-link bracelet.
* 42mm diameter.
* 17mm thick.
* 4mm thick sapphire crystal (same thickness as the crystal on the Rolex Sea Dweller).
* Water resistant to 660 feet, or 200 meters.
* Swiss quartz movement.
* Carbon fiber dial.
* 9 directly from Ocean7.

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Replica Patek Philippe Pocket

Watch Choice For Survival: Top Pick For Deserted Island Scenario? ABTW Editors' Lists

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Classic Complication & Beauty In The Maitres du Temps Chapter One Watch

Classic Complication & Beauty In The Maitres du Temps Chapter One Watch
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Replica Tag Heuer Monaco

Being a fan of Marcello C. watches, it quickly became clear to me that the Nettuno 3 and Tridente watches were very similar. Now owning both watches, I can say that while these watches look similar, and share certain components, they are two different watches, both useful and worth coveting in their own degree. See my full review of the Marcello C. Nettuno 3 here for even more information applicable to both watches.

The Fins know how to make computer based watches. Suunto is Finland based, and has been making excellent watches for years with dizzying amounts of technology that still manage to look good. If the people behind the Wearfone have their way, they should be available by the end of the year for purchase. Pricing is between about 0 - ,500. This price, while high for a mobile phone, is reasonable for a watch that does this much. Look forward to more information as it becomes available.

Let me first proclaim that the prospect of successful gift giving would be an almost non-issue if money were not a question. There is an almost infinite wealth of glorious gift ideas at our disposal if we could assert a large budget on the matter. Alas, we are woefully limited by the meager budgets we often set aside for such tangential luxuries as the giving of thoughtful gifts to others.

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LIP Mach 2000 Dark Master Chronograph X Watch Review: Seventies Design Era Revival Fit To be Worn Wrist Time Reviews Watch design represents a challenge for industrial designers. A watch is both an accessory and a tool. A particular combination that industrial designers are not used to working with. Further still, most watches are not designed by industrial designers. Watch design is usually reserved for watch makers, artists, or other dedicated watch professionals. Most watches are actually not designed by general industrial designers at all.

One of the wonderful things about Japan is the wealth of gadgets and electronics they produce. There, they have a totally different mentality that the US when it comes to new technology or products. In Japan, it seems as though they release some items to market and watch and see what occurs. Sometimes things catch on, other times they don't, but they realize that markets are incredibly hard to gauge. The US on the other hand will take forever before releasing a product to make sure that marketing, advertising, and consumer opinion all align. And still the result is often unpredictable.

Both watches are 41mm in size, which is medium by today's standards. Though you'd never consider these small watches, they are not the 44mm plus size watches often seen. This has functional benefits as you don't want something too big in the way during expeditions. Larger size watches are more for style than function.

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